Believe Fundraiser

"Believe" Fundraiser is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  We receive approximately 40-50 percent of the gross total, or for every dollar spent on a purchase, we receive 40cents-50cents of that dollar.  Typically we have raised over $7,500 per year.  This pays for a variety of Astor Parents Club sponsored events and activities (see our "what we do" page).  

This fundraiser runs through October 9, 2015 this year.  You can shop online at www.shopbelieve.com through October 12, 2015.  

If you would prefer to skip purchasing and have 100% of your donation go to the Parents Club, you can make direct donations to us by writing a check to the Astor Parents Club and deliver it to the Front Office.  

If you'd prefer to donate directly to a particular classroom or activity, please check with Kate Gohr, Principal, for how to make that happen (usually by writing a check to the Astoria School District, with a note that it go to a specific classroom).  

Thank you for your participation!