Agenda 2 October 12

Astor Parents Club

Meeting #2 Agenda

October 12th, 2015


2015-2016 Officers:


Beth La Fleur -  President

Christy Fetzer - President

Susan Prettyman - Vice President

Josey Ballenger - Vice President

Kristen Rimell - Secretary

Kimberely Chaput - Secretary

Cindy Moore - Treasurer

Allie Evans - Past President Member at Large



Welcome and Introductions 6:00pm—Child-care reminder-Though we have a babysitter, children are still the responsibility of their parents during the meeting.


Review and Approve September meeting minutes 6:04pm


Treasurer Report 6:06pm

We made $130 from Fultanos October Pizza Night and $275 from Box Tops Drive!



  • School Pictures— October 13 -might need a few more volunteers
  • Imagination Yoga—October 16 (Friday). Beth is main contact. 

Need a couple more volunteers to help direct classes

  • Conferences and Curious Caterpillar Book Fair— November 4-5 (Wednesday afternoon and Thursday).  Susan is main contact
    • Volunteers not necessary but feel welcome to come and help keep tables organized and talk books with parents/kids. 
  • Fultanos Pizza Night—November 3
  • OMSI “Jugglemania/Golly-Ology” (science) special assembly—Nov.  20 (Fri.). Josey Ballenger is the main contact



Review/Approve Budget proposal for 2015-2016 school year.  This is meant to be a general guiding document.

Approve signing check for OMSI November 20 assembly $318.08



Communications—Ideas on how to more actively involve parents?

“Cheer” Fund-Can/Should this be within the APC bank account (Kate)



Check www.signupgenius.com for volunteer slots for School Picture Day and Imagination Yoga.  Search the website using our email address:   


ADJOURN 6:30 pm

Thanks you all for your help and enthusiasm.  Our next meeting is Monday, November 9th at 6:00 pm. 

(Always the 2nd Monday of the month, same time, same place)