Boxtops and Shopping

Dear Parents,  
Throughout the year we have the opportunity to raise money through the every day products purchases.  There are a few different nationwide programs which help raise funds for schools like ours.  Many grocery and household products are participating products in these programs.  You can check the websites (below) for specific products.  Here’s a few ways you can help raise money:  

Box Tops:  Cut out the Box Top on the product packaging.  Please include the expiration date.  Place in a bag or staple to the Box Top sheet provided and have your child give them to his/her teacher or drop them into the box in the front hallway by the elevator which looks like a giant Campbells soup container.  For more information or for a complete list of products visit boxtops4education.com.  

Campbell’s Labels:  Also includes Prego, Glad, V8, Dannon and many others.  Cut out the UPC code, or save the cap (check website for which is needed).  Deliver to the box in the front hallway by the elevator which looks like a giant Campbells soup container or place in a bag and give to your child’s teacher.  For a complete list of products or more information visit labelsforeducation.com  

Register popular shopping cards: escrip.com, elabelsforeducation.com, target.com/redcard, fredmeyer.com/communityrewards, You can register various rewards cards on these sites, when asked for non-profit name enter John Jacob Astor Elementary.  Once your card is linked to the school and percentage of your purchases will go straight to Astor!!  
Remember that even friends and family in other cities and states can clip their Box Tops and UPC labels and register online and have qualifying purchases earn money for our school!  
The more money we raise, the more activities we can help fund such as field trips, assemblies, game nights and extra money for each classroom and the school.  
Thank you so much for your support and please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) with any questions.  

Sarah Lambert Treasurer - Astor Parents Club