APC Intro Letter

Dear Astor Parents and Teachers,

Welcome to Astor! We, the Astoria Parents Club officers, would like to tell you a bit about our organization. With parent volunteers, the Astor Parents Club provides fun and educational opportunities and experiences to Astor students through a variety of projects and activities. As a parent of an Astor Navigator, you are automatically a member of the Club!

Our mission as the Astor Parents Club is: Parents and teachers coming together to enhance our students educational experience at Astor Elementary School.  

Throughout the year, we sponsor fun and educational activities such as: 
--Family Game Nights a couple times per year - free fun for the whole family!
--Bus costs associated with class field trips
--All-school special assemblies with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) 
--Artists-in-Residence program
--New hardcover books for the Astor library
--Supplement school budget for classroom supplies and playground equipment
--Holiday treats for the classrooms (students and teachers)
--Field Day (June)

We achieve this through several fundraising activities such as:
--“Believe” catalog sales in the Fall
--Curious Caterpillar book fair at Fall parent-teacher conferences
--Scholastic Book Fair in the Spring
--Monthly "Pizza Nights" at Fultano's (Oct. - April)
--“Astor Navigator” T-shirt and sweatshirt sales
--Box Tops, eLabels, and Labels for Education programs
--Frite & Scoop special "Astor Navigator" flavor (May)

... Through our “Believe” fundraiser, we have been able to establish an Artists-in-Residency program the past two years, whereby all grades benefited from participating in a focused puppet-making art project and an African storytelling and creative movement workshop (habibasvillage.com). Our Fall book fair with the Curious Caterpillar book store in Astoria has also raised enough money to buy dozens of best-seller/award-winning hard cover books for the Astor Elementary Library. We are pleased to continue this fundraiser again during conferences, the first week of November.

We are only effective because of outstanding parent volunteer power. We hope you will dive right in and be involved, be it a little or a lot! Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month, at the Astoria Middle School library, 6-6:30 pm. Free child care is provided. Come find out what’s going on at Astor and lend your voice!

We will update the "For Parents - Parents Club" page throughout the year with meeting and event notices, agendas, and monthly meeting minutes! You can also follow us on Facebook (Astor Parents Club), and our email address is: [email protected]

Welcome to Astor!


Beth LaFleur and Christy Fetzer - Co-Presidents
Susan Prettyman and Josey Ballenger - Co-Vice Presidents
Kristen Rimell and Kimberley Chaput - Co-Secretarys
Cindy Moore – Treasurer
Allie Evans - Past President and Member-at-Large